While wandering on her journey, Shiori, the amazon was taken into the prison of Anubis, the godlike AI! Solve the puzzles it sets up to help Shiori reunite with her fellow!

Well, at least, it was the plan. I couldn't finish because of cringeful errors, mistakes, often being ridiculously unable to do anything, but slowly, I learnt the use of both PhaserJS, Webstorm and GitHub!

Use arrows to move.


- bright and less bright floors can change between this two states, you can't walk on the latter.

- ghost robots are randomly spawned from a visible indicated rune tile.

- ghost robots draw a trail; any switchable tile they touch are switched.

- there are red flashing "buttons" that randomly change switchable tiles beyond the area they indicate. Maybe you don't get it, but in-game, it easily becomes obvious.


Shiori, the Cybergod, her fellow, the runes depicted in-game and the ghost robots are all part of a bigger universe I'm building constantly. It's quite a serious worldbuilding project and I dedicate this game to share this with you.

If you'd like to know more about it, visit the following site: http://terminusnation.wikidot.com


Well, "Shapeshifting" in this case refers to the map, as it changes constantly, because of the actions you and your enemies can do. as you can see, the implementation is terrible, but as I mentioned, I'm not finished it sadly.