A downloadable ludum dare entry

You are a robot, woken up somewhere underground. You're completely lost: deeply inside the ground, there's no chance to escape. These caves are not visited for decades, so you're on your own. The only way to ask for help if you shoot your laser beam out of this pit - but it's not always that easy sometimes!

The Last Beacon is a 2D platformer game with logic elements, a little bit of arcade feeling, pixelart graphics, 14 levels and a strange story which is not explained properly.

It was my entry for Ludum Dare #29, theme "Beneath the Surface". I'm pretty proud of how it ended, though some aspects of the game are lame. I upload this game here to show my abilities to the world, as it was the best (and almost the only) game I've made in 2014.

Original submission page.

NOTE: I suck at making logic puzzles. Prepare for that.