A downloadable puzzle game prototype for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Needs LÖVE framework to run; download here.

After a very long (1.5 year of) pause, I returned to LÖVE. Being inspired by stuff I've read and watched about making an actually goodgame, I'm working on an early prototype for a very loose idea I have.

I have a plan of making a logic game with puzzles and a small amount of action - the concept is that there are certain floors that players can turn on and off to be able to walk on them instead of being stuck.

From what you can see so far: what do you think, is it viable? The highlight is on the patterns you can form with the players; I tried to give them some strategic variety; is it done properly?

Here's a manual of all things you can do in the current prototype:


- press WASD to move

- press Q to change character

- use mousewheel to select an ability; press a mouse button to use it


- you can change direction with the position of the mouse

- turning has no step cost

- the first 4 abilities are symmetric, the rest are direction-sensitive


- when an ability is selected, its pattern is drawn out

- when you push a mouse button, tiles in the same patterns are changed

- a certain type of floors that can be turned "on" and "off" by these abilities


- there are walkable and impassable floors without any further properties

- certain floors can be turned on and off; latter makes players stuck

- Shadow Towers: disables the ability casting of players in a predefined distance

- Exit tiles: the two players must stay on exit tiles to finish a level


- by clicking on the arrow and circle icons, you can move and zoom the map


- you can create any maps by drawing a bitmap

- press Z to load testmaps I've done (dev feature)


- signs

- expanding the Cast_Ability function: explosion events, rockets

- change from mouse to keyboard selection

- circular effect to shadow towers

- kickable urns (Hirlau...)

- teleports

- jump to selected player

- a proper zoom

- autotiling

- one-way gates solely for one player

LÖVE forum thread.

Install instructions

The file you download is a .love project file, you need the framework to run it. It's very small, thus easy and quick to download and you don't even have to install it if you don't want.

DL links here!



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